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“Every idea starts off small but having the conviction and a like-minded team can make an impact on a global scale”.

Go Back To Africa!

Imagine being a multicultural child with a father from Guyana in South America, mixed with Black and Indian and a mother from New York mixed with White and Cherokee Indian with a very light skin completion. Having an enjoyable time with your brothers playing outside in the front yard, then watching one of your neighbors drive by and yell GO BACK TO AFRICA! with a strong look of hate towards a few happy loving children. To say the least I was confused but not only because at the time I was too young to understand the full extent of racism in our country. But also, because my mother who looks 100% white was inside cooking us dinner, and not to mention I wasn’t even from Africa! I’m from Orlando Florida. I was scared and had no clue why.

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I’m not going to ramble about White privilege because I think the way a lot of people approach the discussion of racism have good intentions but in my honest opinion I feel some of their actions divide us even more. I always hear about how hard it is growing up Black or Spanish in America. But I never hear about how it is growing up multicultural. For more than half of my youth growing up I didn’t know what I was, I mean I knew my cultural diversity but America had no label for me. On forms, at that time there was no option for two or more races or the ability in certain places to check off more than one box. The term “Other” didn’t appear on forms till my late teens. By default, I was Black.

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I never have and still never will understand how anyone can write off half of someone’s cultural background. Take Obama for example, he is a complete 50/50 split between White and Black but he is considered our first Black President. That still baffles me, I remember thinking to myself how can this still be happening. If the President of the United States of America can’t even be recognized for his cultural diversity how in the world can I. Am I going to just be labeled a Black American for the rest of my life? I’m in love with my diverse background. I love being White, I love being Indian, I love being South American, I love being Black! I remember being called the N word in school then going home to my White mother and crying in her arms.

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Having her tell me about her own struggles of cultural diversity being Cherokee Indian and White. In America, I am a White girl she said, and in America despite your beautiful cultural diversity you will always be considered a Black man. Not fitting in with the White kids because I was too tan and not fitting in with the Black kids because I was too light my early years in school was a challenge for me, often feeling out of place and alone. I was ashamed of my beautiful and unique diversity that I just accepted the label that was given to me by society and my peers. But as an adult, those fears of acceptance have diminished and I have learned to embrace what I am. I am a multicultural American and I don’t give a damn what you think! I am proud of my diversity and my struggles to accepting my cultural differences within have made me that much stronger to undertake any hardship in the future to come.


Forward Thinking 

“Those who think they’re crazy enough to change the world, are the only ones that can”.

Personal Growth

” Don’t be afraid to be different, intelligence is the kind of beauty a small mind can overlook.”

Personal Growth

” You will not obtain personal growth by thinking you’re always being attacked. Learn to decipher the difference between disrespect and constructive criticism.”



Politically Informed Millennials

In my experiences through conversation it seems trendy that the older generations tend to label millennials as politically uninformed. But to their credit a vast majority of us aren’t, but for opposite reasoning to their belief. Its not that most don’t care what is said, they just don’t believe we are heard which gives them the impression that it is hopeless to pay attention. But those times of disconnect are changing in ways I don’t feel the political world is ready for yet. Not to long ago I was the same as most, lack of a solid education with a firm discontent for any political views, seeing how corrupt our system is and how those same corrupt government officials hide behind legal documents,  high college educations and lawyers that mask their corruption with uneasy professionalism and pride.


Not Anymore! for example, the Golden State Warriors just won the championship a couple days ago and I had absolutely NO CLUE! but believe I was super excited about Jeff Sessions testimony under oath following up James Comey from the week prior. I was going around work asking people if the were going to be tuned in Thursday 2:30 pm sharp like it was an American championship to see if he was going to drop the ball and unintentionally expose any corruption in our presidential cabinet. Sadly, he pulled a Nixon with not answering any real questions. But I soon realized I was getting weird looks and was alone in my excitement. Hell, some people didn’t even know who they were which shocked me to be honest. I watched the entire thing! Both of them!


In that time I heard a few fellow employees bad mouthing American’s saying how we don’t respect our hierarchy and traditions because the Warriors didn’t go to the white house like all previous champions traditionally have. I let them finish their foolish statements then let them laugh and bullshit a bit longer before I said, you do know that they were not invited to the white house by the president right? the tradition is not with them just going, the tradition is for the championship team to be “Invited” by the current president in office. So the disrespect falls with Donald Trump not following the American tradition, not with the players deciding not to show up unannounced. The laughs subsided then the room got very quite as I walked out feeling as if I pulled an Obama by making my statement dropping the mic and walking off stage.


As a politically informed millennial it makes me uneasy to see people defend a administration just because they hold office. But can look past how three of our presidents officials, Michael Flynn, Jared Kushner and Jeff Sessions have lied about disclosing conversations with foreign Russian officials or even trying to set up back channels through the white house for contacting them using their communication channels as we’ve discovered Jared Kushner which is  Donald Trumps son-in-law has tried to do. Lets not leave out how Dan Coats, director of national intelligence, Adm. Michael S. Rogers, director of national security agency and Jeff Session, attorney general all had weird stories of why under oath they were able to dodge answering questions regarding Russian ties without any legal grounding. Given the whole reason why they were there was for those series of questions. Including the reasoning for firing former FBI director James Comey.


But I have no doubt that if Donald Trump continues to tweet in his room behind closed doors pulling a drake by getting all in his feelings. He will ruin himself by doing press conferences then going home and contradicting his own statement in his tweets. Let’s be honest his tweets are none the less entertaining, I mean have you read the comments he gets on them! I can read them all night and not get bored. Tweet away Donald! Tweet away! When asked about my political party my only reply is that I have none, I say I am an American! I don’t want to be biased in my opinion, all I want is what and who is best for America, I don’t give a damn what side of the fence you’re on because we’re all playing on the same field.

All I know is the corrupt will be exposed and the more they try to hide it the more millennials begin to pay attention. Because we know what they are doing will affect our adulthood and our children’s future. It is easy to trick the blind and dumb, But when you mix youth, intelligence and defiance together with a tech savvy generation. You begin to stir the pot. So I say to those who doubt our enlightenment. We are Informed, We are Watching, We are Millennials.


Subjective Knowledge

In your honest opinion, what would someone have to do for you to consider them smart. Know more about a topic than you? Has a piece of paper saying they graduated with a bachelor’s degree from a fancy college? Technically the definition of smart is “Having or showing a quick-witted intelligence”. That means people are only smart varying from topic to topic, also meaning that everyone is dumb in something. It makes you begin to wonder, why do some people go around calling others dumb when that person most likely knows more about something than them.


So, who’s smarter than who? In my opinion, your intelligence is determined by how well diverse you are with your knowledge. It is important to know a little bit about everything, you can argue that someone who knows the basics on a copious number of topics is no less intelligent then a doctor who specializes in pediatrics. I remember feeling less intelligent then people in my younger days which lead me to believe I was over all a dumb person. But now as an adult I can look back at those times and realize it wasn’t them making me feel stupid it was just the atmosphere that I knew little about that I was in.


We’re are all intelligent beings, as a whole no one is dumber than any other person it just means in that topic of discussion they are more knowledgeable than you. Even with that being the truth you can still always self-educate yourself to learn anything you desire to hold a discussion on any topic. The only person who is dumb is the person unwilling to grow their knowledge. It is important to always remain a student to the class of life and learn that subjective knowledge doesn’t make you smart but having the ability to continually grow your mind without limits means that we all have the capability to be a genius. A powerful truth about this world is that you can learn something new till the day you die, and even then, you haven’t learned it all.





“The secret is not to be conceited in who you are. But confident in what you’re capable of.”




“Persistence does not recognize Failure.”



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